WolfVision Reward Program Terms

  • Only Price Requests submitted between August 1, 2017, and September 30, 2017, are eligible for this program.
    Purchase Orders for this program must be placed, paid for and shipped before the end of 2017.


  • Only new projects are eligible for a RewardPre-existing Price Approvals are not eligible retroactively.

  • Only products for re-sale to end-users are eligible for this program. It does not apply to products sold for demonstration or other internal purposes for the dealer.

  • The Sales Person must submit a Price Request and receive a Price Approval with that includes a Reward approval before submitting a Purchase OrderThe Purchase Order must reference the Price Approval number. The Purchase Order must comply with the terms set out in the Price Approval.

  • The requesting Sales Person is responsible for notifying WolfVision whether a Reward should be paid directly to the Sales Person, or if it must be paid to the Sales Person's employer.  There is a check box on the Price Request form for this purpose.

  • The requesting Sales Person must submit a personal W9 form with the first Reward request, when personal, direct payment is desired.  The submitted W9 will be used for subsequent requests and payments will be made to the address it indicates. W9 Form from IRS

  • A WolfVision Reward is only paid for the following products. The amount for each product is indicated on the Price Approval.

    • vSolution Cam​

    • Cynap

    • VZ-3neo

    • VZ-8light-4

    • VZ-8plus-4

    • VZ-9.4F

    • Eye-14

    • VZ-C6

    • VZ-C3D

  • The qualifying Purchase Order must be paid in full before a Reward payment will be made.

  • A Reward is only paid on units actually purchased, regardless of the quantities specified in the the qualifying Price Approval.

  • A Reward cannot be awarded in conjunction with any other WolfVision sales or incentive program, with the exception of RPP pricing.​

Reward Amounts per Unit

The amount that will be paid for each individual unit sold is indicated on the Price Approval received after a Price Request has been submitted.

Reward Payments

Reward payments will be made to the Sales Person (or their employer) after full payment has been received for a qualifying Purchase Order.  Payments will be processed and sent at the end of each week, for the Purchase Orders that were paid in full during the week.  Personal payments will be mailed to the address given on the W9 form.

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